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Individual Services 

Guided Individual Meditation-Meditation is a wonderful tool to relieve stress and promote the peace of  

being present in this moment.  Starting on your own can require some effort. Allow me to walk you  

through a meditation one step at a time.  We will create a meditation practice tailored especially to your  

own personal needs. I will make a recording for your personal use at home. 

Energy session- With special focus on the energetic body and the help of our spiritual guidance, I will  

assess your needs. We will work to balance your chakras and move energy. We will also clear heaviness,  

blocks, and certain beliefs that hold you back from becoming your most authentic and powerful self. This 

can happen in one session, but often requires more time together. We will discuss your case to create  

the best plan for your healing. 

Spiritual coaching session-I will intuitively tap into your spiritual blueprint to provide you with more  

clarity on your choices.  This can often lead to empowerment and a better sense of your purpose. 

  • Introductory Rate $60 per session 
  • 5 Individual sessions for $225 ($45 per session) 


Guided Group Meditation 

Vision board workshops

About Amanda and Guided Intuitive Services



Amanda is a natural born intuitive and healer. She is embracing her intuitive ability in her mission to help 

others find their own path to healing.  

Amanda uses meditation, connection with Spirit and energy work to clear energetic blockages, help  

clients identify areas of vulnerability and bring comfort and healing. 

Since early childhood, these intuitive abilities have led Amanda to those in need of comfort and healing.  

Twenty years ago, Amanda discovered that she could communicate with spirit.  She has been doing so  

ever since.  Her life path has finally brought her to where she is able to help others heal through her  


What To Expect

When we meet, I will ask you some questions and, with your permission, scan your energy system as I listen to Spirit for what you may be needing, struggling with, etc. 

You can expect me to be truthful, sincere and present. I commit to do my own soul and emotional work in order to show up as the best version of myself in your healing process.


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